How to Manage iPhone and iPad Temperature: Tips and Guidelines

What to do When your iPhone or iPad get too warm or cold

What to do, When your iPhone or iPad get too warm or cold, to know this, it is important to Learn how to effectively manage the temperature of your iPhone and iPad to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance. Discover the operating temperature range for iOS and iPadOS devices, the impact of extreme temperatures on battery life, and how to avoid potential issues.

Find out what to do when your device becomes too warm or cold, including handling temperature warnings, charging interruptions, and restoring from backups. Stay informed and keep your iPhone and iPad running smoothly in any temperature conditions.

Learn iPhone and iPad’s operating temperatures and temperature control

It is also important to learn about the iPhone and iPad’s operating temperatures and temperature control. Use iOS and iPad OS devices where the temperature is between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius (32 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit). Your gadget might alter its behavior to regulate its temperature in low- or high-temperature situations. In extreme heat, using an iOS or iPad OS device can permanently reduce battery life.

Keep your gadget somewhere with a temperature range of -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C). Because parked cars can reach temperatures over this range, don’t leave your gadget in your vehicle.

When Your device may become warm ?

It’s possible that your device will feel warmer if :
  • Your smartphone sets for the first time.
  • Recover data from a backup.
  • Recharge your smartphone wirelessly.
  • Use applications, games, or features with high graphics or processing requirements, such as augmented reality applications.
  • streaming excellent videos.

These circumstances are typical, and after the procedure is finished or when you are finished with your activity, your gadget will regain its usual temperature. You can continue using your device if it doesn’t display a temperature warning.

What to do When a device becomes too heated

Overheating is prevented by built-in safeguards on iOS and iPad OS devices. Your device will seek to adjust its temperature if the internal temperature is over the range that it should operate in. This is done to safeguard the internal components.

Avoid the following situations and actions since they could affect your device’s performance:

  • a hot day and leaving your gadget in a car.
  • exposing your gadget to the sun’s rays for a long time.
  • Using specific functions, such as GPS tracking or navigation in a car, playing a game with a lot of visuals, or utilizing augmented reality apps, in hot weather or under bright sunlight for a long time.

You might observe these alterations if the internal temperature of your gadget is higher than its typical working range:

  • Wireless charging, for example, slows down or stops.
  • The screen dims or turns off.
  • Low-power mode is entered by cellular radios. During this period, the signal can deteriorate.
  • The camera’s flash is momentarily turned off.
  • With graphically demanding or augmented reality apps or features, performance suffers.

Additionally, while you are navigating, your device may display the message “Temperature: iPhone needs to cool down” and then switch off the display. Turn-by-turn directions are still provided by the navigation system. The display will light to help you navigate a turn as you get closer to it.

What to do When a device becomes too cold

When using an iOS or iPadOS device outside of its operational temperature range, you run the risk of temporarily reducing battery life or having your device shut off. When you bring your gadget back to a warmer environment, the battery life will resume.

When your device gets too cold, your iOS or iPadOS device may not charge or it may stop charging altogether.

When your iPhone gets too hot or too cold to charge, iOS 16 suspends charging. “Charging On Hold” is the message that appears in Settings > Battery and on your Lock Screen. When the iPhone reaches its usual temperature, charging will start again. 

Put your iPhone to sleep if it’s in use or relocate it to a cooler or warmer area if you want to begin charging as soon as possible. iPhone lock screen with the Charging On Hold notification

iPhone lock screen with the notification “Charging On Hold”

Whenever a temperature warning screen shows up, Your device will display a temperature warning screen like this if it reaches a specified temperature threshold: 

Warning about temperature in the image.

Image shows temperature warning.

It’s possible that an iPhone displaying this warning can still call for help in an emergency.

Turn off your device, relocate it to a cooler area (away from direct sunlight), and give it time to cool down if you want to start using it as soon as possible.

If a notification for Restore Paused appears

Your restore from an iCloud backup may be briefly interrupted if your device reaches a predetermined temperature threshold. Restore Paused shows as a message. When this [device] cools down, restoration from iCloud will resume. 

Your device’s operational temperature is maintained throughout this delay. Once the device has cooled down, your restore will continue.

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